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Who we serve

The LeadStyle Program delivers high impact results across leadership teams and personalized one-on-one development of top talent.

Through workshops and individual coaching, we help leaders:

  • Play bigger than they thought possible before
  • Influence and build relationships with stakeholders
  • Make decisions at the right level of speed and inclusiveness
  • Lead hearts and minds
  • Truly engage those they lead
  • Increase discretionary effort and team effectiveness

Our Process

Our process is designed specifically to empower mid-level to senior level leaders to develop a sustainable leadership practice. Working with a LeadStyle professional involves taking a deep dive into:

  • Exploring meaningful leadership specific to the individual leader
  • Co-creating a path and accountability structures/measures to execute a sustainable leadership plan
  • Realizing integration rather than compromise for success

No two 3P LeadStyles look exactly the same. We design bespoke programs for individuals and teams using available corporate wellness programs and exclusive collaborations with vendors that specialize in a specific 3P component (e.g., physical trainers, nutritionists, ICF certified coaches).

The general outline for an engagement may include the following:


Phase 1: Uncovering and Walking your 3P LeadStyle.

Time Horizon: 6 months

In this phase, we take a deep dive into identifying an individual’s true 3P LeadStyle.

We work with leaders to:

  • Identify core values, as well as those of the organization, team, and family
  • Uncover a leader’s ideal 3P LeadStyle
  • Develop an integrated 3P accountability plan to address what is holding a leaderback and what will propel a leader forward across all spheres

Phase 2: 3P LeadStyle Teams.

Time Horizon: 6 - 9 months

Once we have a core number of leadership team members leading in a sustainable purpose-driven way, we are now in a position to look at developing a leadership team from a 3P LeadStyle perspective.

We know that the team is more that the sum of the parts. Having an engaged and inspired team is knowing that leaders can get more from being together than as an individual. LeadStyle Teams focuses on creating cohesive and collaborative relationships among team members through 3P LeadStyle preferences.

In this phase, LeadStyle works with your teams to:

  • Target areas to increase team leadership performance through focus groups, 360 feedback, and assessment data
  • Apply the 3P LeadStyle process to team goals
  • Focus on legacy sustainability to effectively engage successors

Phase 3: Mastering your 3P LeadStyle.

Time Horizon: 6 months

This phase is for those leaders and leadership teams who want to develop deep mastery of the 3P Integrated LeadStyle Process.

Up until now, leaders have been focused on three separate spheres. Leaders know how to play in each sphere, know how they belong, and know their legacy.

Now it’s time to master in the areas that overlap. Within the areas of overlap, leaders will find themselves closer to being in what researchers call “flow” or “the zone.”

In this engagement, we encourage experimentation and accountability in these overlap zones. Leaders overcome where they are stuck and focus on achieving their next leading edge.