Why do I find
myself being pulled
in so many different
How do I
retain my top
What can I do
differently to be
a better leader?

As leaders, we are inundated with constant demands to do and be more:

  • Find greater work-life balance.
  • Exercise more, eat right, sleep more, achieve more.
  • Hire a coach to become a more effective leader.

How can we do it in a way that doesn’t involve compromise to make it all work?

Let’s change the conversation around balance.

Burnout for the leader is still a reality disguised behind wellness programs. With the demands of the job, it becomes overwhelming to live up to a pre-defined “ideal” balanced lifestyle.

Isn’t it time to change the conversation and make it about fit rather than balance? Focusing on fit is tailoring balance to what works for you.

Top talent retention is about knowing, growing, and showing values.

Today’s workforce values thriving in all aspects of their lives and not just at work. Organizations that are unwilling to embrace these values generate a reputation of not caring for their employees and experience high levels of attrition.

How can you better connect with your top talent to sustain a winning performance strategy?

Leading self and teams from a place of integration.

Often we see people keeping their “work me” separate from the “non-work” me. Maybe this has been your winning strategy in your career. After all, you are good at what you do.

Now, imagine what happens when you lead from a place that embraces all the aspects you most value. Working from a place of integration allows for greater clarity and alignment across vision, goals, and purpose.

This is an invitation for you to play even bigger than you are now.


Work with LeadStyle to define your own style of better leadership…and achieve a sustainable model of success.

What’s your LeadStyle? Try it here.

Our experience shows that sustainable leadership involves three major components:

  • Professional accountability
  • Physical wellness
  • Personal well-being

Slide the circles in order from top to bottom to indicate what ideally should have emphasis first, second, and third in your life. The circle at the top would represent the area you emphasize the most in your life and the bottom circle would represent the component with least emphasis.

  • Personal
    The sphere of your life that covers things outside of work – family, friends, family of choice, passions, hobbies
  • Physical
    The sphere of your life that covers health, wellness, nutrition, engaging your body in fitness and movement
  • Professional
    The sphere of your life that covers career – professional development, career aspirations, team leadership

This is your ideal LeadStyle.

Take a look at how others emphasize their LeadStyle.

What are you willing to do to live your LeadStyle?